Bumble Bee Infant Toddler learning center offers programs for children ages three months to five years old.  Our programs focus on age-appropriate play and learning opportunities.


 We separates infants and toddlers into  designated areas so that proper care and training is provided for each age group for their own physical,emotional, intellectual, and social growth.

The Center takes pride in providing the best facilities for your child to play and learn with. We employ plenty  of staff members to make sure the ratio is as low as 1 attendant per 5 children.

In our program: We learn Social Skills by playing with one another, sharing, learning empathy and caring for others, role-playing(house,puppets.etc.) and taking turns, to name a few.

Basic Academic Skills.
Like language,develop through singing songs, reading books, counting.
We also relate shapes and colors in the invironment.
We even learn patterning through games like "Hopscotch!" 
We also get some cultural skills by learning simple words in Spanish  like  days of the week,favorite animal,food and manners.
Fine motor skills.
Fine - tune themselves through arts and crafts activities including play dough, and painting.

On the other side of that, Large motor skills are addressed fun, age- appropriate physical activities designed to strengthem muscles and help your child to grow.
Don't worry!! Even in bad weather we'll get those bodies moving to music , yoga, and games inside.

In our science activities stimulate critical thinking through sparking a child's natural desire to question the world and learn through observations of simple experiments such as bird feeding/ watching, growing plants, color mixing, outdoor exploration, etc. Above all, your child will have fun, not even realizing that she/he is learning, while preparing for elementary school and life.

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